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Geena B. Valentine & Rufus

Geena B. Valentine has been known and acknowledged well beyond her Italian home borders for some time now. Apart from having been a frequent guest in RAI´s studio, Italy's national radio, she has also been included in the legendary StarClub regulars table in Hamburg, Germany.

She brought her love of music to the stage at a young age. The initial performances with the local choir were soon followed by various band projects. Only the meeting with the composer and pianist Andy Rufus brought her on the path of the self-written songs. A fruitful meeting, for which, however, several attempts were necessary, until over the years an intensive collaboration of mutual creativity arose out of mutual dislike and even transform into a marriage.

A 3-year stay in Hamburg brought the two Italians together with international musicians. This led to the release of the album "White Mice". More and more radio stations worldwide are starting to play recent single releases from her latest album.

Meanwhile, GEENA and RUFUS look back on a 20-year experience together with numerous releases and concerts across Europe. Today, the two live mainly in Italy, where, in addition to their musical activities, they run a company that grows hemp and researches and produces hemp plastics and textiles.

 "White Mice" was created entirely on its own and is published by GEENA & RUFUS.

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