Geena B. Valentine

Between music and hempfashion

Geena B. Valentine has been known and acknowledged well beyond her Italian home borders for some time now. Apart from having been a frequent guest in RAI´s studio, Italy's national radio, she has also been included in the legendary StarClub regulars table in Hamburg, Germany. More and more radio stations worldwide are starting to play recent single releases from her latest album. Her singing career took her from Italy, via Austria, to Hamburg in the North of Germany where she lived for 3 years. Geena B.  simultaneously followed two careers and passions, that of a musician and that of a designer. Geena B. does not burn for Design alone. Just as she is pursuing a deeper purpose with her songs and music, in the Design field she launched a fashion label that consistently and unmistakably combines fashion, sustainability and ethics.

With hemp as the chosen basic material for her textile creations, she soon had to fight against every imaginable form of prejudices. So, the chosen name of the fashion label was a logical conclusion: theBadSeedsCompany.
Geena B.´s colleagues in the BadSeedsCompany are also her fellow musicians, her husband,  the Italian pianist, guitarist and songwriter Andy Rufus and Hamburg violinist Katto T.

With the manufacture in Italy, they are supporting Geena B. in unison, pushing a much advanced project promoting the reintroduction of industrial hemp in Italy´s agriculture and the holistic use of the entire harvest for textiles, construction industry, engineering and other purposes.

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