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Geena B. Valentine & Rufus


Geena B. Valentine and Rufus are an internationally active songwriters and artist couple from Italy. With their music they have been known far beyond their national borders for years. Their songs are regularly played on radios in Europe, Australia and the USA. Their songs, which they basically write, record, produce and promote themselves, mainly deal with topics about social ills, deceleration, sustainability and non-buyable values. 


Their involvement in these areas goes far beyond music. For example, the two run the fashion label theBadSeedsCompany, which they founded in 2012. This is their answer to the omnipresent fast fashion. In their workshop, streetwear is made from fabrics that come from Europe and about whose origin is carefully respected. Mainly hemp, nettle and linen are used. The garments are produced locally with hand-operated machines or directly by hand 


In addition, the two are active in the field of research. For years they have been looking for ways and means to produce plastics and other materials from hemp and are also active themselves in the cultivation of several acres of hemp. Through this work, they have been able to meet many pioneers in various fields over the past few years.  Geena and Rufus are happy to introduce you to these dazzling and often too little appreciated personalities here soon. 


"Take me to the endles sea"

from the upcoming album

Echoes from the fields


Rustic and mysterious, ‘Take Me To The Endless Sea’ captures the essence of modern southern Gospel.  An evocative vocal performance is backed by borderline gothic instrumentation, featuring a haunting chromatic melody played on a three string cigar box and an intricate guitar solo.  Geena’s voice grows into a multilayered chorus, giving the track its epic crescendo.  This compelling song of sin and salvation is perfect for any Americana/folk/dark-country playlists.

"It's about dreams and their realization and it's about simple dreams that can create great miracles. And that's exactly how a three-sided cigar box should serve as the basic instrument for an orchestral song" said Rufus.

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